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Radically altering the future of heart care and chronic disease through early diagnosis, prevention, and reversal of symptoms.


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About Us

About Us

Heart Care Corp. is proud to be the United States distributor of Premier Heart, LLC for their groundbreaking technology, The Multifunction Cardiogram™. Heart Care Corp. provides a pathway for medical professionals to offer the advanced diagnostic capabilities of MCG™ to their patients or to the employees of the various organizations they serve. As the preferred marketing arm of Premier Heart in these areas, Heart Care Corp. is committed to making MCG™ the Standard of Care across the US, radically altering the future of heart care and chronic disease through early diagnosis, prevention, and reversal of disease severity to prolong quality life expectancy.

The MCG™ technology is objective, non-invasive, cost effective, and easily implemented in clinical practice. When used as part of a patient’s annual physical in the primary care setting, this approach to assessing a patient’s full cardiac condition will reduce unnecessary advanced testing and save time, money, and the lives of untold patients. The MCG™ can identify atrial fibrillation, ventricular fibrillation, and other rhythm disturbances even before they are noticed by most patients, allowing the physician to intervene before rhythm disturbances become problematic. The ability to detect heart disease in much earlier stages than any of the existing modalities creates extraordinary value to preventive medicine while producing substantial savings in healthcare costs.

This MCG™ technology has already earned ISO approval and FDA 510K clearance. The Multifunction Cardiogram has undergone multiple clinical trials verifying its accuracy and has been used to test patients in 8 countries over 3 continents. MCG™ is the 2017 winner of the American Heart Association’s Heart Science Forum’s Innovative Challenge Award.

Multifunction Cardiogram™ technology can be utilized to test patients in a variety of settings:
  • Primary Care
  • Cardiology
  • Pre-Surgery Testing and Anesthesia
  • Cath Lab
  • Pediatrics
  • Oncology
  • Hospital Systems
  • Corporate Wellness Programs
  • Risk Management Programs
  • Well Care Supporters


The Multifunction Cardiogram™ (MCG) is a revolutionary new kind of non-invasive diagnostic tool for measuring the health of a patient’s heart and the impact of ischemia and other problems. The MCG™ provides a method to detect and measure myocardial ischemia with unprecedented accuracy in minutes. It is a resting, non-invasive, non-chemical/non-radiation test that can be performed at the point of care by trained technical staff. With the help of the MCG™, physicians are able to make much more rapid, objective, and accurate diagnoses of heart diseases.

Heart Scan

Heart Care

Most people don’t know they have heart disease until it’s too late. Last year in the US, 325,000 people died of sudden cardiac death, and for most, the heart attack was their first symptom. In about ten minutes, the MCG™ identifies obstructive coronary artery disease with the highest accuracy available. It outperforms every competitor in the field of cardiac diagnostics, hands down.


“MCG™ provides the highest positive and negative predictive values of all CAD screening tools. It allows us to distinguish between patients who need immediate coronary angiography and those who do not.”

Dr. Michael Imhoff, in an evaluation of the MCG™ for a major European electronics manufacturer

“The MCG™ system made a diagnosis of ‘congenital heart disease’ in a patient of mine, a man who clinically appeared to have only a mitral valve prolapse, but who turned out to have an entirely silent atrial septal defect.”

 H. Robert Silverstein, M.D., Division of Cardiology, Harford Hospital

“Heart disease remains the number one killer in America. Despite years of research none of the readily available non-invasive tests have been better than the flip of a coin until now. MCG has approximately 90% of the predictive value of an angiogram. It is completely non-invasive and can be performed in just a few minutes. In addition, MCG can deeply interrogate the electrical system of the heart. Because of its non-invasive nature it can be used to assess the effectiveness of whatever preventative or remediation program you place a patient on. MCG has been a game changer in my preventative cardiology practice.”

Thomas Sult, M.D. Integrative Medicine Specialist, New London, MN

“I was introduced to the MCG non-invasive cardiovascular diagnostic tool in November 2021 at my Health & Wellness company’s annual meeting. The MCG was being presented as a new product for the distributors to present to clinicians in our local markets. All of the attendees and sales distributors were offered a complimentary test with the MCG. I gladly accepted and I am so thankful that I did and very grateful for this innovative technology.

As a little background, I am a person who has always been proactive about my health and making sure I get my annual physicals and checks. As part of my annual physical, I have an ECG performed and every year it shows a normal result, so I was expecting the same with my MCG testing results. To my surprise, my MCG test results identified progressive cardiovascular disease and ischemia. Actually, I was shocked because no other testing had shown any issues in the past. The MCG test literally has given me new life as I was given early detection before a serious cardiac event happened and could begin working on reversing my heart disease. Thank you, Dr. Shen and team for this advanced and innovative technology!”

Gary Price, Phoenix, AZ

“Multifunction cardiogram™ technology will have a greater impact on medicine this decade than electrocardiograph (ECG or EKG) technology had upon its introduction nearly one century ago. This impact will be derived from innovative, open minded family members who realize the power of human computational electrophysiology in increasing both the quantity and quality of life for all family members of all ages.”

John Hoben, Concerned Father, Spencerport, NY US

“The MCG is timeless! 6 minutes, and it can show in detail a breakdown of different issues related to the heart or potential issues that could arise due to certain patterns and habits in our life. Timeless, yet effective preventative measure.”

Precision Tees

“The MCG is likely the most significant CV clinical breakthrough device to come out in my career lifetime. The MCG has the potential to change the entire paradigm of cardiovascular disease workups and care if we could get this device to the mainstream medical market. I look forward to helping move the MCG product through the barriers in the days ahead, as there are many good lives counting on this help! .”

Sam Fillingane, D.O

“I was having repeated attacks of chest pain. The treadmill stress test was normal. The heart artery catheterization showed no blockage. My cardiologist eventually released me and told me I could stop the aspirin regimen because there was no evidence of heart disease. I read an article about the MCG™ and decided to have a scan. The scan showed a local problem with blood flow and my score was relatively high. I am now on the road to recovery thanks to the MCG™. “

Jean, RN, South Carolina

“Having worked in the medical space for three decades I chose a very prevention-oriented physician for my primary care when moving cross country a few years back. For the last decade my advanced biomarkers for glucose, cholesterol, and especially inflammation had been stellar. They would have ranked me in the top decile of health for his patient population.

I learned about the Multifunction Cardiogram from another extremely prevention-oriented physician friend who now teaches at a medical school. I had a study performed on his advice. The results of this test confirmed high level coronary ischemia was present and that myocardial remodeling was already occurring diffusely. Early ventricular fibrillation was also identified. The test even identified congenital heart disease I was unaware of as well as mitochondrial dysfunction and global asynchrony. These findings were shocking to both my doctor and me. I was totally asymptomatic. Had I not had an MCG test performed, I may well have had a major cardiovascular event in the near future. With this new knowledge from the MCG study in hand, I am now able to further modify my already healthy lifestyle to reverse this disease. Thank God for Dr. Shen and his amazing life saving device.”

Bill C., San Antonio, TX

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The MCG™ analysis is currently the most accurate, non-invasive means for detection of heart disease.

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