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An intractable problem in heart disease diagnosis exists: The lack of an early detection bedside tool that can deliver an accurate, timely, lifesaving diagnosis without incurring high costs or using often risky and invasive procedures. Premier Heart’s Multifunction Cardiogram ™ (MCG) Technology provides a perfectly safe and highly effective “Digital Diagnosis as a Service” (i.e., DDxAAS) platform trained via deep machine learning and AI analysis methods to purposefully and comprehensively solve this problem.

Premier Heart, LLC has spent more than two decades to ensure that MCG™ delivers where other modalities have failed, building on the back of a carefully curated, empirical, and 100% evidence-based clinical database to classify and differentiate various heart diseases and filling in the critical knowledge/information gaps in the current diagnostic arena. MCG™’s unprecedented early disease pattern detection capabilities and high accuracy are beyond the reach of the conventional imaging tools, such as nuclear, echo stress, CT, and PET scan, requiring only 10 minutes of testing without the exposure to radiation, IV contrast, drugs, stress, or risks of injury or death. MCG™ is easily accessible, with real time reports available 24/7/365 on the web at a very affordable cost!


We take pride in the dedication of Premier Heart, the developer of this disruptive technology, to successfully build MCG™ Technology relying on scientific principles and insisting on adopting methods that are objective, replicable, and reproducible, using only verifiable input and output to generate transparent and clinically useful results. Their efforts to establish the validation process as trustworthy and transparent without any quid pro quo is a result of decades of hard work.  In that time, they have built a database of over 2 million patients tested.  Increasing numbers of physician early adopters have joined our journey and trust MCG™ Technology as a vital tool to save the lives of their patients!

Heart Care Corp. has joined Joseph T. Shen, MD and Premier Heart, LLC as the preferred distributor of MCG™ technology to physicians, medical clinics, healthcare systems, employers, and risk management organizations in the United States.   Heart Care Corp. is a dedicated team of executives, entrepreneurs, sales professionals, medical providers, and experts in cardiac care.  Together with Dr. Shen and his partner, EMCG, we strive to make MCG™ use the Standard of Care across America, saving countless lives and potentially billions of dollars in unnecessary and avoidable healthcare costs.

Our Team

Eule Glenn

Eule Glenn


Eule Glenn holds the position of Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Heart Care Corp.  As a teenager, Eule lost his grandfather to a fatal heart attack.  He also saw how heart disease affected other members of his family, including both grandmothers and his brother, who died unexpectedly at the age of 44, likely from heart failure.  “Eradicating heart disease is personal to me, as it should be to everyone else.  There’s hardly anyone out there who hasn’t been personally affected.  We change that by being proactive and taking a preventive approach to heart care rather than waiting to detect an issue until disease is advanced, or worse, when it’s too late.” 

Eule’s career in medical sales ensued in 2006 with Eli Lilly and Company.  Since then, he has worked in sales management and business development in the rehab industry, and as the VP of Business Development in start-up medical device sales.  Eule is a 1997 graduate of the University of Alabama where he received his bachelor’s degree with a double major in Political Science and History. 

Christi Campbell

Christi Campbell

Chief Brand Officer

Christi Campbell serves as the Chief Brand Officer of Heart Care Corp.  She is also a co-founder of the company.  After a tragic family boating accident in which a major adverse cardiac event was most certainly a factor, she is dedicated to preventing others from losing their loved ones far too early.  Both grandfathers had CVD and, as a junior in high school, Christi lost one to a heart attack just a couple of months after he had gotten a “Thumb’s Up” from his cardiologist at a check up following his open heart surgery.  “MCG™ technology would have given them both a second chance.  If people knew how easy it was to reverse this dangerous disease once it’s identified, everyone would want to know their MCG™ score.” 

Christi graduated with a degree in Marketing from the University of Central Oklahoma and began her career as an IBM Sales Agent.  She has continued to hold various sales and support roles over her career, most recently, in the medical services industry. She is a Premier Heart Certified Trainer and Technician and enjoys administering testing to patients as well as working with practices integrating MCG™ technology.  Christi knows life is a precious gift  and is passionate about living it to the fullest and making sure others have the opportunity to do the same.

Sam Fillingane, D.O.

Sam Fillingane, D.O.

Chief Medical Officer

Sam Fillingane, D.O. is Heart Care Corp.’s Chief Medical Officer and a co-founder of the company. Dr. Fillingane has spent over 20 years specializing in reversing heart disease for extremely high-risk patients. It has long been a goal of Dr. Fillingane to see cardiovascular risk decline nationally, as cardiovascular disease continues to be the leading cause of death and declining quality of life for so many good people all over the world.

Dr. Fillingane’s family practice office in Jackson, Mississippi focused on cardiovascular risk reduction, taking care of high-risk cardiovascular patients from all over the country. In addition to his busy medical practice, he also served as the Director of Medical Education and Medical Director for several large national cardiovascular laboratories. Dr. Fillingane is a gifted teacher and communicator, having taught numerous CME medical courses for physicians at local, regional, and national levels. His teaching efforts continue to broaden in scope, reaching out to the general public and to medical students, in further hopes that education will yield a decline in cardiovascular events. Dr. Fillingane, whose humble demeanor belies his celebrity, was the host for the nationally televised program, “Straight to the Heart” that aired on My Family TV Network, The Retro Network, and The Comcast National TV Network with 52 episodes devoted to help patients better understand cardiovascular disease.

Dr. Fillingane is an Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine at William Carey University, College of Osteopathic Medicine. He received his D.O. degree from the Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences and is board certified in Family Practice with over 32 years of private practice experience before joining the staff of WCUCOM and becoming Heart Care Corp.’s Chief Medical Officer. 

To engage Dr. Fillingane as a speaker/trainer for your team or medical organization, please contact us at info@theheartcarecorp.com

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Proactive Healing, PLLC
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Forum Health
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HeartCARE Corp. of Nevada

The team at Heart Care Corp. is honored to be chosen as an authorized distributor and key marketing partner of Premier Heart.  Premier Heart, LLC was founded in 1997 by Joseph T. Shen, M.D.


Joseph T. Shen, M.D.-Multifunction Cardiogram ™ Developer, Founder of Premier Heart, LLC

Dr. Joseph Shen is a physician, scientist, entrepreneur, researcher, and inventor/innovator/pioneer of the Multifunction Cardiogram Technology, a.k.a. the MCG™ system.  He is the World’s first Computational Electrophysiologist, and the founder of “Computational Clinical Electrophysiology” – a new branch of computational biology.

After graduate school at UCLA and MD University of CA Medical School, Dr. Shen founded a successful medical clinic network.  Since 1997 he has dedicated his life to the successful development, engineering, and commercialization of MCG™ technology as the inventor, patent holder, and developer of the web-based MCG™ system for the automatic differentiation of CAD ischemia. He remains committed to understanding and defining the effects of lifestyle and environment on pulmonary, infectious, hypertensive, and metabolic heart diseases through MCG™ technology, delivering his priceless contribution at a fraction of the costs and waiting time demanded by the current state-of-the-art modalities.

Dr. Shen staunchly supports and implements 100% evidence-based practice of medicine, medical research, and treatment innovation with integrity, honesty, objectivity, and transparency.


The Multifunction Cardiogram™ has been developed as the result of decades of engineering and research, with significant milestones noted below:


Theoretical model research/earliest experiments


Data Collection and Analysis by a TEAC® tape recorder to measure the effects of environmental noises on human’s transformed ECG and EEG Waveforms on Tsinghua University’s 7T08 IBM mainframe computers


First PC-based (DOS) analytical stand-alone system was created for large scale data collection and clinical trials for potential differential diagnosis


Started limited clinical testing in the U.S.; data collection continued


Premier Heart was founded.


Developing new generations of software for a web-based system using open-source software. Obtained FDA 510K clearance.


First differential diagnosis for local or global ischemia and disease severity scores were developed and validated clinically.


First modern web-based system communicating with a centralized relational database was designed and tested in clinical trials in eight countries/three continents on ~1,200 patients.


Additional applications produced and clinical trials performed.


CAT III CPT Code, first MAC coverage, entering the Emergency Rooms


Emergency MCG™ formed as a separate “C” Corp with exclusive license for hospitals


MCG wins American Heart Association Innovation Award at the 2017 Heart Science Forum in Philadelphia
Samsung 2017 Health Summit Challenge Award for potential to reduce healthcare costs and improve outcomes


More than 3 million MCG™ tests conducted to date
Two-month pilot at the Pittsburg Veterans Administration Hospital completed


Publication of multi-center Phase lV clinical outcomes/Emergency Department trial presented at the ACEP conference


Foundation of Heart Care Corp. as an authorized distributor of the Multifunction Cardiogram™ Technology.

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