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The MCG™ analysis is currently the most accurate, non-invasive means for detection of heart disease. Knowing your MCG™ score can save your life. It delivers a far-reaching advancement for healthcare providers in settings from walk-in clinics to large hospital systems, a risk management tool for corporations and workplace wellness programs seeking to provide their employees with state-of-the-art healthcare while mitigating the associated costs, and represents potentially the largest cost savings to health insurance costs in decades.

Please fill out the form below for more information. If you are a medical provider wanting to offer Multifunction Cardiogram™ testing services to your patients or an employer wanting to offer this testing through your corporate wellness program, we have multiple integration models which offer options to purchase the MCG™ unit or to contract with Heart Care Corp. for testing days at your location. If you are a patient wanting an MCG™ scan, we will connect you with the provider nearest you.

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