Heart Care

Some alarming statistics…

  • Heart disease is the leading cause of death for men and women. – CDC
  • More than 659,000 people die of heart disease in the United States every year. – CDC
  • 1 in every 4 deaths is cardiac related or 1 person every 36 seconds. – American Heart Association
  • Over 300,000 people in the U.S. die of sudden cardiac death every year. – American Heart Association
  • Most heart attacks happen with less than 50% blockage.– American Heart Association
  • No current test detects microvascular disease in small vessels which is the most undiagnosed condition of women’s heart disease as well as the leading cause of death in women.
  • Approximately two in ten deaths from coronary heart disease happen in adults less than 65 years of age. – CDC
  • 30% of heart attacks have no warning. – Mayo Clinic
  • Underlying factors begin the process 10+ years before a heart attack occurs.
  • When identified early, heart disease can be completely reversed.
The MCG™ Method: A Modern Solution in Cardiac Care

Most people don’t know they have heart disease until it’s too late. Last year in the United States, 325,000 people died of sudden cardiac death, and for most, the heart attack was their first symptom. In about ten minutes, the MCG™ identifies obstructive coronary artery disease with the highest accuracy available in cardiac diagnostic testing, as well as any causes which would lead to supply and demand imbalances of the entire cardiovascular system, physiologically. It outperforms every competitor in the field of cardiac diagnostics, hands down.

When compared to other diagnostic modalities, MCG™ is extremely accurate and reliable, surpassing most established clinical techniques in both sensitivity and specificity. In addition, MCG™ is capable of accurately detecting coronary artery disease at earlier stages, allowing intervention at stages where CAD may be controlled by lifestyle changes, medications, or, better yet, can be reversed.



Cardiologists can use MCG™ technology to diagnose heart disease as well as to differentiate levels of disease progression in patients with known heart disease. The MCG™ is an exceptional tool for measuring multiple rhythm disturbances, detecting atrial fibrillation, ventricular fibrillation, and more, even before they occur. It is pin-point accurate and an effective tool in monitoring patients during recovery and treatment plans designed for reversal of symptoms.


MCG™ testing is a game changer in cardiac care units and hospital settings, identifying in minutes what typically takes 12-48 hours to diagnose and eliminating tremendous costs, doing away with multiple unnecessary and less useful conventional testing procedures. Inappropriate discharges can be virtually eliminated while hospital admissions are effectively decreased based on the reliability and accuracy of an MCG™ scan.

Primary Care

MCG™’s greatest value is undoubtedly in the primary care arena.  Until now, heart disease was principally only detectable in advanced stages.  MCG™ technology delivers unprecedented early disease pattern detection capabilities. Now patients with early-stage indicators can forge a plan with their physicians to reverse their symptoms, increasing their lifespans potentially by decades. MCG™ testing is safe for all patients, regardless of age, and is recommended annually for patients beginning at age 30.  Even as early as age 14, MCG™ testing makes sense for athletes or those genetically predisposed to heart disease.

The MCG™ scan helps the patient and physician accurately understand the patient’s risk of heart disease.  The test results, combined with the MCG™ methodology provided at training, provide vital information allowing medical providers to formulate a plan of functional recovery so that their patients do not become one of the startling statistics. Many factors play a role in heart disease, including environmental toxins, hormonal imbalances, metabolic imbalances, the physical construction of the heart, and overall health and wellbeing. Once a baseline has been established with MCG™ testing, providers can continue to monitor the success of the treatment plan using periodic MCG™ testing to accurately determine the advancement or reversal of symptoms.

Sam Fillingane, D.O.

Chief Medical Officer

MCG™ Methodology

Once a patient has been scanned and receives their MCG™ score, the journey to true wellness begins. Medical professionals utilizing the MCG™ method of testing are trained exclusively, not only to read and interpret the scan, but also to design an individualized healthcare plan addressing their unique indicating factors. Dr. Sam Fillingane has spent over 20 years specializing in reversing heart disease for extremely high-risk patients. He has developed a pivotal system utilizing the MCG™ scan and specified lab tests that when married with lifestyle modifications, such as diet, exercise, and medication optimization, create patient-centered plans for disease reversal. His proven methodology motivates patients to adhere to his treatment plans because they see actual, measurable results, joyously extending their lives.

For more information on Dr. Fillingane’s research and treatment philosophies or if you are interested in having Dr. Fillingane speak to your team or medical group, please contact us at info@theheartcarecorp.com.

Testing Patients

Testing patients with an MCG™ field unit is quick and easy.  The entire process can be completed in less than 15 minutes.

Available as a field unit for use where portability and mobility are critical or as a panel-cart for more structured clinical settings, the MCG™ device is used to digitally capture ECG data from patients and submit it to Premier Heart’s central servers for MCG™ analysis.


MCG™ diagnostic technology provides unparalleled accuracy in a non-invasive test. In addition, the units are designed to integrate seamlessly into your office network and clinical practice and feature a streamlined interface which guides users through the testing and report generation process.

If you would like to arrange a demonstration of the MCG™ technology, or if you are interested in purchasing an MCG™ unit, please contact info@theheartcarecorp.com for more information.

Benefits of MCG™

In addition to easing the burden of urgent care providers and primary care physicians who may lack the expertise in cardiology necessary to detect the subtle variations in the ECG that can indicate potentially life-threatening conditions, MCG™ provides the following benefits:

Rapid and Accurate

MCG™ test session and subsequent analysis can typically be completed within 10 minutes, making it practical as part of routine care/screening as well as in urgent care situations for patients with acute symptoms of cardiac distress. The high sensitivity and positive/negative predictive values of MCG™ analysis also make it viable as a “rule out” tool.


The MCG™ diagnostic process is purely evidence based, drawing its diagnoses based upon previous clinically verified results. This combined with the integrative approach to modeling the heart and Premier Heart’s scoring system allows us to provide quantitative and objective results.

Non-Invasive and Stress Free

A MCG™ test session involves only a surface resting ECG, and does not share the risks or contraindications of other diagnostic procedures such as stress tests, Cardiac MRI or nuclear perfusion imaging. This makes MCG™ testing practical on a wider range of patients than many other procedures.


As a noninvasive, in-office procedure, MCG™ is significantly less costly than most other diagnostic modalities. Initial equipment investments are significantly lower than CT or MRI angiography equipment, and per-test costs are comparable to other resting ECG procedures.


Well Care for everyone

According to the CDC, heart disease generally increases at about age 45. However, many younger people are at risk as well. As of 2017, 18 million adults age 20 and older in the US had coronary artery disease, and deaths as a result of heart disease are on the rise. Several health conditions, your lifestyle, and your age and family history can increase your risk for heart disease. About half of all Americans (47%) have at least 1 of 3 key risk factors for heart disease: high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and smoking.

Premier Heart

Heart disease is preventable which makes the importance of early detection and treatment essential. It is often reversible, even in late stages. The adoption of heart healthy nutrition and healthy lifestyle habits have been shown to improve cardiovascular health and potentially reverse coronary atherosclerosis and/or slow or stop the progression of the disease.

The fact that the initial presentation for half of men and women with coronary artery disease (CAD) is sudden death or a heart attack is a stunning indictment of our historic inability to accurately diagnose and treat coronary artery disease. Current diagnostic modalities often miss disease or lead to potentially harmful interventions for presumed clinically significant disease that is not present. In short, the “state-of-the-art” tools used to diagnose CVD, particularly CAD, and measure progression or regression of disease are, sadly, far less than adequate.

The MCG™ device brings cardiovascular disease diagnosis into the 21st century. Patients, ages 14 and up, can benefit from having an MCG™ scan performed to determine their level of risk. MCG™ technology provides the quick, clear, and objective data needed for medical providers to assess the condition of a patient’s heart and cardiovascular system. MCG™ offers risk-free testing that is:

  • Non-invasive
  • Quick-less than 10 minutes
  • Cost-effective-per test cost is comparable to other resting ECG procedures
  • Stress Free
  • Chemical Free
  • Radiation Free

Once patients and their physicians are armed with this data, they are empowered to make better decisions regarding the most appropriate medical care, evidence-based lifestyle change methodologies, and medication optimization. Our MCG™ Methodology is the perfect complement to the data received from the MCG™ scan. The marriage of accurate information to a customized plan designed to bring the patient into optimal health is the MCG™ difference.

To schedule your scan, please contact us at info@theheartcarecorp.com.

Women’s Heart Health

Women tend to think that breast cancer is the biggest threat to their health, but heart disease is actually the number one killer of women. Women and Heart Disease: Key Facts You Need to Know.

  • Each year, heart disease claims the lives of more women than breast cancer and lung cancer combined.
  • The death rate of African American women due to cardiovascular disease is greater than that of white women.
  • A greater percentage of women die within one year of a heart attack than men.
Heart Disease

Women can experience symptoms of heart disease during regular daily activities or during times of stress. Symptoms such as these are common:

  • Chest pain (angina)
  • shortness of breath
  • sleep problems
  • fatigue
  • lack of energy

Conventional testing for coronary heart disease (CHD) does not detect coronary microvascular disease (MVD).  Coronary Microvascular Disease (MVD) | American Heart Association  Standard tests look for blockages in the large coronary arteries, but MVD affects the tiny coronary arteries. This presents an especially troublesome problem for women because women more frequently develop coronary microvascular disease. Frighteningly, MVD occurs particularly in younger women. The risk factors for coronary MVD are the same as for coronary artery disease:

  • Diabetes
  • Overweight
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol.

Women should be aware of the risks and symptoms of cardiovascular disease. The MCG™ scan is the best option for detection of MVD because the sensitivity of the MCG™ test is superior to the current modalities for testing.

Schedule your MCG™ scan by contacting us here: info@theheartcarecorp.com.

Workplace Wellness

Well Care for Employees

Insurance premiums and employee medical claims are at an all-time high and continue to rise in the United States. Preventable chronic conditions are a major contributor. Angina pectoris (chest pain), high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart attack-four of the ten most costly health conditions for employers in the US-are heart related. Cardiovascular Disease Screening and Referral by Small Worksites: A Positive Return on Investment (cdc.gov)

The implications of MCG™ technology are far reaching. Improvements in overall health for employees coupled with significant cost savings in healthcare expenditures are creating a high demand for the Multifunction Cardiogram in Corporate Wellness programs. Corporations are motivated to give the best in healthcare to their employees, and healthy employees are happier and miss less work.

For more information on MCG™ testing for your employees, please contact us at info@theheartcarecorp.com.

Heart Scan


“I was first tested at A4M December 2022. I was found to have microvascular heart disease. When my test got worse over 6 weeks( the time from A4M conference to when we trained on my machine in January) I decided to get umbilical cord stem cell therapy in Costa Rica. I had already made major changes in my health habits, including reversing pre-diabetes. Those were not enough and I vowed I was not going down without a fight. The stem cell therapy did have positive effects on my blood work and MCG scores but I was still not were I wanted to be. I added in low dose, intermittent Rapamycin therapy and l am amazed at the results. Not only is my MCG significantly better, my inflammation markers are normal for the first time in over 20 years. My kidney function is now back to normal. I am still showing metabolic markers on my MCG. Through biohacking, I discovered I do desaturate my oxygen at night and am addressing that.

One of the things I love the most about the test is how quickly I get results and can modify one variable at a time. That way I know exactly what effect each intervention has.

For my longevity medicine practice, I do this test on all my concierge patients. Having objective data to present to them and very specific changes based on the test is helpful. It’s one thing to recommend a diet, exercise or supplement change but to have a test that backs that up makes all the difference in compliance. I have done over 100 studies since I got my machine in January.”

Gail King MD

“I have seen the sudden deaths on the news, and I am extremely concerned about a lack of early detection of myocarditis. When I recently received an MCG test and discovered that I have intermediate myocarditis, I was shocked. I eat 100% organic in my home, only an occasional non-organic meal at restaurants, do Hot Yoga three times a week, do not smoke, and only occasionally drink a glass or two of hard cider. I also did not get the COVID vaccine. And yet…. I had markers on almost all of the categories on nearly all of the five readings during the testing for myocarditis, thickening of the heart walls, arrhythmia, small ventricle blockages acute power failure, and more.

I was told that my condition could be a combination of stress, genetics, diet, lack of cardio exercise, and possibly exposure to spike protein shedding through touch and bodily fluids. I was classified as “clinically actionable.” It was time to take action immediately. If I did so, I was assured I could reverse my condition in 3-6 months. I decided to sign up for thorough testing from a recommended doctor and began my journey to reverse my heart disease, the number one killer in America and the number one killer of women.

I am thrilled to share that results from my recent retaking of the MCG test, just a little over 2 months from my first test, showed significant improvement. I am already reversing heart disease in myself, and I know millions of people can also do this too! They just need access to this test and doctors who will support a customized plan for their unique body. With this support, we can avoid sudden heart attacks and be alive to enjoy our children, grandchildren, and the lives we want to enjoy.”

Zen Honeycutt

Founding Executive Director of Moms Across America

“MCG™ provides the highest positive and negative predictive values of all CAD screening tools. It allows us to distinguish between patients who need immediate coronary angiography and those who do not.  The ability of MCG™ to reveal safety as well as danger is uncanny.   It is second only to coronary angiography or an electrophysiology study in terms of its prognistic ability.”  

“The MCG™ system made a diagnosis of ‘congenital heart disease’ in a patient of mine, a man who clinically appeared to have only a mitral valve prolapse, but who turned out to have an entirely silent atrial septal defect.”

H. Robert Silverstein, M.D.

Division of Cardiology, Hartford Hospital

“I was introduced to the MCG non-invasive cardiovascular diagnostic tool in November 2021 at my Health & Wellness company’s annual meeting. The MCG was being presented as a new product for the distributors to present to clinicians in our local markets. All of the attendees and sales distributors were offered a complimentary test with the MCG. I gladly accepted and I am so thankful that I did and very grateful for this innovative technology.

As a little background, I am a person who has always been proactive about my health and making sure I get my annual physicals and checks. As part of my annual physical, I have an ECG performed and every year it shows a normal result, so I was expecting the same with my MCG testing results. To my surprise, my MCG test results identified progressive cardiovascular disease and ischemia. Actually, I was shocked because no other testing had shown any issues in the past. The MCG test literally has given me new life as I was given early detection before a serious cardiac event happened and could begin working on reversing my heart disease. Thank you, Dr. Shen and team for this advanced and innovative technology!”

Gary Price, Phoenix, AZ

Pheonix, AZ

“Having worked in the medical space for three decades I chose a very prevention-oriented physician for my primary care when moving cross country a few years back. For the last decade my advanced biomarkers for glucose, cholesterol, and especially inflammation had been stellar. They would have ranked me in the top decile of health for his patient population.

I learned about the Multifunction Cardiogram from another extremely prevention-oriented physician friend who now teaches at a medical school. I had a study performed on his advice. The results of this test confirmed high level coronary ischemia was present and that myocardial remodeling was already occurring diffusely. Early ventricular fibrillation was also identified. The test even identified congenital heart disease I was unaware of as well as mitochondrial dysfunction and global asynchrony. These findings were shocking to both my doctor and me. I was totally asymptomatic. Had I not had an MCG test performed, I may well have had a major cardiovascular event in the near future. With this new knowledge from the MCG study in hand, I am now able to further modify my already healthy lifestyle to reverse this disease. Thank God for Dr. Shen and his amazing life saving device.”

Bill C., San Antonio, TX

“Heart disease remains the number one killer in America. Despite years of research none of the readily available non-invasive tests have been better than the flip of a coin until now. MCG has approximately 90% of the predictive value of an angiogram. It is completely non-invasive and can be performed in just a few minutes. In addition, MCG can deeply interrogate the electrical system of the heart. Because of its non-invasive nature it can be used to assess the effectiveness of whatever preventative or remediation program you place a patient on. MCG has been a game changer in my preventative cardiology practice.”

Thomas Sult, M.D.

Integrative Medicine Specialist, New London, MN

“Multifunction cardiogram™ technology will have a greater impact on medicine this decade than electrocardiograph (ECG or EKG) technology had upon its introduction nearly one century ago. This impact will be derived from innovative, open minded family members who realize the power of human computational electrophysiology in increasing both the quantity and quality of life for all family members of all ages.”

John Hoben

Concerned Father, Spencerport, NY US

“The MCG is timeless! 6 minutes, and it can show in detail a breakdown of different issues related to the heart or potential issues that could arise due to certain patterns and habits in our life. Timeless, yet effective preventative measure.

Thank you,”

Precision Tees

“The MCG is likely the most significant CV clinical breakthrough device to come out in my career lifetime. The MCG has the potential to change the entire paradigm of cardiovascular disease workups and care if we could get this device to the mainstream medical market. I look forward to helping move the MCG product through the barriers in the days ahead, as there are many good lives counting on this help! “

Sam Fillingane, D.O.

“I was having repeated attacks of chest pain. The treadmill stress test was normal. The heart artery catheterization showed no blockage. My cardiologist eventually released me and told me I could stop the aspirin regimen because there was no evidence of heart disease. I read an article about the MCG™ and decided to have a scan. The scan showed a local problem with blood flow and my score was relatively high. I am now on the road to recovery thanks to the MCG™.”

Jean, RN, South Carolina

“I was 44 years old and at my optimal weight. My cholesterol was normal, yet I began experiencing episodes of chest pain. I felt that experiencing symptoms such as these was strange, but I didn’t want to ignore something that could potentially be a problem. My mom had had a heart attack 2 years ago and my sister, just last year, so I wondered if I would be next. I made an appointment with a cardiologist. He did a GI work up first to rule out any issues there. After all, I didn’t look like the typical heart patient. The GI results came back normal.

Shortly thereafter, I attended the A4M medical conference in Las Vegas with my husband who is a physician. During our time there, we happened upon the HeartCARE Corp. booth where they were performing Multifunction Cardiogram testing. Naturally, I was interested in the test and my husband, myself, and our NP had MCG™ scans performed. The CMO of HeartCARE Corp, Dr. Sam Fillingane, interpreted our reports on the spot, revealing some insightful, but troubling news.

My husband passed with flying colors. The results of my MCG™ scan revealed the presence of small vessel disease, something that even an angiogram would not have detected. It also suggested a high probability that I also had an MTHFR gene deficiency. Dr. Sam gave me some recommendations based on his findings. The amount of information the test produced and the specific identification of several points of inflammation leading to the presence of disease markers was astounding.

This time, when the chest pain occurred, I quickly made a follow up appointment with the cardiologist. After my insistence, he ordered all the standard testing – Calcium Scan (score of 66), Clearly test (50-69% flow; moderate), nuclear stress test, (passing the nuclear portion, but failing the stress test). Lastly, he sent me for an angiogram. They found that one artery was blocked, the LAD, commonly called “The Widow Maker”.   My small vessel disease had accelerated into large vessel disease and a stent was needed to relieve the blockage.

I am so thankful for the MCG™ test! If not for a “chance” meeting with HeartCARE Corp., I may have continued to ignore my symptoms. The test let me know not to ignore them and to treat them seriously. MCG™ technology saved my life! Armed with my MCG™ report, I can now reverse my disease and make sure there are no more trips to the Cath lab.”

Claire Grobler

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